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Eury Perfumery Packaging Co, Ltd. is a company that specializes in perfumery packaging. We offer all-in-one packaging solutions for perfumery. This means technical design, mass production and after-sales service of all integral parts for perfumery, including glass bottles with decoration, plastic and metallic accessories such as caps, collars and pumps, as well as filling, labeling and folding box packing. In other words, we provide comprehensive service for perfume packaging.

Development : Co-Design, Technically & Artistically

We are eager to develop innovated, personalized, exquisite products together with our customers. We deeply value collaboration and see our customers as close partners, so that together we can bring elegant perfumery products to the market. With this concept in our mind, our communication and support with our customer are like no other. We are open-minded to develop challenging and innovative projects and would happily share and communicate technical feasibility and possible solutions with our customers. Technology is our edge. Unlike others, who normally focus only on one single part of packaging material, we specialize in the organic combination of all parts in terms of how they fit with each other perfectly. Also, we always keep “Design Eyes”, by harmonically combining your artistic design with our technical design, instead of just rigidly applying what is technically available. Perfume is, after all, an olfactory and visual feast.

Production: Fast Stable and High-Quality

Our company is located in one of the most developed regions of China, where all the packaging industries thrive. Therefore, we are equipped with a comprehensive, full-fledged and trustworthy Supply Network. For the key parts (glass & plastic), we have our own factories, who represent highest level in their respective fields in China. This enables us to work seamlessly with them as a team. Thus we are able to produce exactly according to our customers’ need. We know that time is of the essence, so we optimized every step of projects, from technical design, sample making, to final production and shipping. On the other hand, we know that stability is just as important as speed. It is within our core duty to keep our supply network safe and secure.

After-sales Service: Your Product, our Product

When goods are shipped, we don't stop just there. We care for any situations and difficulties that may arise on your end. If there are any procedures that must be done on your end, we strive to make every step of your production line as smooth and easy as possible.

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